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B.I.F.F.(Box Ironbark Forest Friends) NEWS:

Here we go again: Will controlled burning solve our bushfire problem



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Climate Emergency Declaration Forum

 Last Monday 9th December Mount Alexander Shire held a Climate Forum

to find out what the denizens of the shire felt

the council should do about climate change.

The forum went for 9 hours, with 5 speakers per hour (5 minutes each+ questions)

After digesting all the exciting ideas the council can finally launch their long awaited Action Plan.

We wait with baited breathe.

My 5 minutes was taken up explaining the ugly truth about our predicament.

An irksome task, but someone had to do it. Here is a tranascript:

Tell The Truth


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Familiarise yourself with Extinction Rebellion’s three Demands and ten Principles

Join a local group



Mount Alexander Sustainability Group


Help stop refugees in Syria freezing to death

Australia for UNHCR


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If you want the truth about what is going on in this country

go here:

Michael West – Weekly Update


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If you want the truth about what is going on overseas,

go here:

Undark Magazine


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Find out what the fossil fuels industry is up to this week,

read the latest bulletin fron The Knitting Nanas: A collective

of activist grandmas.

Fossil Fools Bulletin

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Good news you probably didn’t hear about 

Good News!

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Western Highway Upgrade Update:

The latest shenanigans from the all-powerful Vicroads,

who are trying to bulldoze a way through an obstacle course of Koori heritage sites,

old growth forests, gold rush history and prime farmland.

The only thing standing in their way is human beings.

If we win, Vicroads will have to take community concerns into account from now on.

If we lose, they will have carte blanch to clear anything in their path

without a moments hestiation.

Fix Freeway Fiasco

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A few hundred of us just spent a few days outside the exhibition centre in Southbank (Jeff’s Shed) Inside were thousands of delegates from all over the world, all gathered for the International Mining and Resources Conference. They come every year to carve up the world and share it out amoungst themselves. Tickets were $2,000 per day, for 3 days, but it all comes off tax.

(If you pay tax, that is, and what idiot pays tax anymore)

We all linked arms and tried to stop the delegates entering the building, because we knew that once inside they would be lobbying for faster, bigger, better extraction of gas, oil and coal.

The police decided to side with the miners for some reason, out of habit I guess. They were very rough and pushy and shouty, they were gruesome and humorless, ruining the carnival atmosphere we were enjoying. If we only had a few more people we could have blocked the conference altogether, but we didn’t have a few more people because everyone says: “Protesting is ineffectual.” But it is only ineffectual because the people who think it is ineffectual won’t join in. If you all had a go, it could be highly effectual.



Julian Assange -Update

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Pamela Anderson’s:

Letter to President Trump and the First Lady.

November 8

Pamela Anderson is one of us and as a Signatory with great negotiation skills and presence she is using all her power and tenacity to help our campaign. Click the link to see her letter to The President of the USA and the First Lady.

Pamela has been behind our campaign from the very start. She is an awesome power for us and we all thank Pamela for her dedicated and courageous work. Pamela is…read more

Phillip Adams

Brisbane, Australia
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ActionAid Australia

ActionAid Australia is a women’s rights organisation.
We work across 45 countries and represent a global movement
of women standing together to claim their human rights
and campaign against injustice.


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Wangan & Jangalangu Family Council

these are the traditional owners who have been removed from their lands to make way for the Adani mine.


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Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne –  next February




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