About Ben Boyang

Ben was born under a big old redgum tree on the banks of the Murumbidgee River sometime after the second world war. (exact date unknown) His mother was a bar maid at the nearby Etamooga Hotel. His father was a six day bIcycle rider. Ben was brought up a strict Atheist and was thrashed soundly for reading the Bible under the bedcovers. He has eschewed the use of footwear since leaving school. He studied Life Matters at The University of Hard Knocks but failed to graduate. He has frequented these parts for many a long year and has been a presenter on W.M.A. in various guises on and off since 2010.

Ben is a card carrying member of The Possum Stirrers Guild and claims he can talk the leg off a chair.

Ben’s faithful companion Rusty Nails, is never far from his side.

Rusty Nails (Trusty Rusty) has been my faithful companion ever since

Molly Meldrum was Queen of Moomba. Through droughts and flooding rains and countless near-death-experiences she was by my side. Her pedigree is impeccable, being the great grand-daughter of Rin Tin Tin and White Fang. She was the presiding judge at the National Sheep Dog Trials, along with Inspector Rex. (Lassie was found guilty of Cattle Duffing )

Rusty has a keen interest in food.

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