Boom time!

Boom time!

Yet another mining boom. Whoopie!

Resources exports are on track to top $280 billion dollars this year.

But how much of that will end up in our pockets? I am predicting somewhere between not much and fuck all. Remember when Kevin Rudd had this brainwave, (Something he was prone to, apparently) and proposed a mining super profits tax, out of the blue. How long did that last? How long did Kevin last? About 6 weeks, I seem to recall. The mining industry gave him the sack, basically, and appointed Julia Gillard. Poor Julia didn’t know what to do. She was completely flummoxed, so the mining industry gave her a hand to design a whole new mining super tax, bringing to the table their vast knowledge and experience of tax evasion, sorry, tax avoidance.

Out of the goodness of her heart, Julia offered to forgo any taxes until the struggling miners had recouped all of their myriad expenses in getting their mines up and running. As we all know, mining can be an expensive endeavor, and many struggling miners find it difficult to make any profit at all. In fact they quite often go bankrupt just around the time the mine is exhausted, leaving the good old government to clean up the mess.

Now, I know this sounds crazy, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we, the people of Australia, owned our resources companies, then we would get all of the profit before it was syphoned off to Barbados.

Well, maybe that idea isn’t so crazy after all. As it turns out, other more perspicacious nations have already done just that: Norway, having found themselves sitting, serendipitously, on top of a vast ocean of crude oil, offered to go 50/50 with the oil companies in extracting and selling that oil. As a consequence of their foresight, Norway is now sitting on top of a vast ocean of money: 1.3 trillion dollars, the largest sovereign wealth fund the world has ever seen: 300,000 dollars for every man, woman and child in the country, so for a family of four, that’s 1,2 million dollars. It is all invested overseas and getting good returns. No one in Norway need ever work again as long as they live.

So this begs the question: Why don’t we do that too? Because we are dumb fucks, that’s why.


Ben Boyang 30/9/19

Bob Brown’s Convoy to Adani

Scott No Brains-The Whore of Bable-on, our much abused Opposition Leader in Waiting, has sold his soul to the highest bidder yet again, as is his want. Bill the Dill-The Gutless Wonder, has sold his arse to the C.F.M.E.U. as per usual.

It is left to our only true leader: Saint Bob of The Bush, and his legion of ever faithful devotees to do the dirty work: Stop Adani!

On the 17th of April in the Year of Our Lord 2019, Saint Bob will be leading a crusade, sorry a convoy, to The Galilee Basin: the very basin that Mary Magdalene washed the filthy, leprosy infected feet of Jesus Christ himself, in. A holy site if ever there was one, threatened with defilement by The Heathen Hindu Blasphemer, Guatum Adani, no less!

We begin our pilgrimage in Hobart and arrive 10 days and 5,000ks later, weary and footsore.

After dealing with the Adani problem we shall then march on Canberra, or as we like to call it: Sodom & Gomorra,

to annoy the beJesus out of The Powers that Be untill The Day of Judgement.


All Welcome! A Family Friendly Event

West Papua – A Short History

West Papua History


In 1949, Sukarno led Indonesia to independence from the Dutch, but West Papua remained under Dutch rule. After a while the Indonesians began threatening to take over West Papua from the Dutch. The Australians wanted the two halves of the Island of Papua reunited. (A very sensible idea, that would have avoided much future suffering) but John F. Kennedy would have none of it, so in 1963, The U.S. brokered an agreement with President Sukarno, where by the U.N. would run the province till it was handed over to Indonesia on the condition Indonesia organized a ‘Vote of Free Choice’ (some call a vote of no choice) within 7 years. None of the local Melanesian people were consulted, so they started their own independence movement, the O.P.M. – Organisasi Papua Merdeka (Papuan Freedom Organization) with the words

“We do not want modern life! We refuse any kinds of development: religious groups, aid agencies, and governmental organizations just Leave Us Alone!”

In 1965 the leftist Sukarno, was overthrown by the authoritarian dictator Suharto. Every member of the Communist Party of Indonesia they could find, was rounded up and murdered. One of the worst crimes against humanity of the 20th century.

In 1969 the Indonesians conducted the so called ‘act of free choice’:

It was run by the infamous TNI – Tentara National Indonesi ( the Indonesian Army, a law unto itself) The U.N. stipulated that every local Melanesian adult could vote,( over 900,000 people) but the T.N.I. hand picked 1000 village chiefs, whom they convinced, via threats and bribery, to throw in their lot with Indonesia. The vote was unanimous, quite an unusual outcome for a free democratic vote.

In July 1971 the Melanesian people of West Papua declared their independence, but unfortunately no one was listening, or almost no one. The Peoples Republic of West Papua is recognized by one country, Vanuatu. Very soon after, the Freeport mine began operation in the province, the largest and most profitable gold mine in the world. This mine remains the largest obstacle to independence for the people of West Papua.


Meanwhile, in 1975 there was a revolution in Portugal. In an act of gross irresponsibility, the Portuguese unburdened themselves of their remaining colonial assets, including Timor L’este. The Indonesians moved into the vacuum, snuffing out a brief flowering of freedom for the Timorese. It would be 25 years before they once more regained their sovereignty, due largely to the efforts of one man: Jose Ramos Horta, the Timorese ambassador to the U.N. who devoted his considerable diplomatic skills to putting the Tiny country on the map.

But West Papua is not Timor L’este. It was not administered by a European Colonial power for 500 years. It is not, and does not want to become, part of the modern world. An admirable ideal, but one that makes it very difficult to get heard in the clamour of the rat race. As the last of the unadulterated indigenous peoples of the world become swamped by the metastasizing cancer of Consumerism, keeping up the unique way of life of the people of West Papua becomes ever more precious, for them and for all of humanity.


Ben Laycock 2016

The Neoliberal Doctrine

The term neoliberal was invented in 1938 at the height of the Keynesian ascendancy, but was not adopted worldwide until the 1980s, championed by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

The neoliberal doctrine goes like this:

Competition is the basis for all human interaction.

Margaret Thatcher sums this up neatly with the famous quote:

“There is no such thing as society, only the individual.”

There is a natural hierarchy of winners and losers.

Winners are rewarded with a monopoly, losers with bankruptcy.

The basic unit is the consumer who is free to exercise their right to choose.

$1 = 1 vote in the consumer democracy.

All social problems can be dealt with by applying the laws of Supply Demand.

Every individual is given an opportunity to accumulate wealth, no matter what handicaps they begin with.

Those that fall by the wayside have only themselves to blame.

It works like this:

Install white ants at the centre of State power whose job is to cut taxes, thus starving the state of the ability to adequately fund the functions of the State, rendering them dysfunctional and ripe for take over by the corporate sector, whilst building resentment against the state itself at the same time. Neat hey?

Here in Australia, while the Liberal Party aggressively pursues the Neoliberal agenda, the Labor Party reluctantly follows in its footsteps:

A freeze on new taxes, trade liberalization, privatization of infrastructure, education, health etc,.

At the same time Labor doggedly clings to the good old tried and true Keynseyan doctrine:

Promote economic growth by stimulating consumer demand.

A simple doctrine from a bygone era before Climate Change, rescource depletion, pollution and mass extinctions reared their ugly heads.

The Libs prefer to stimulate growth by giving tax breaks to Corporations in the vain hope they will reinvest it rather than salt it away in offshore tax havens.

The Greens on the other hand don’t seem to be so keen on Keynes or Neoliberalism, as they are both a direct threat to the environment and social justice, but they are very cagy about exactly what they would replace them with if they were in power.



The Land of the Fair Go

Bad News!

The Liberals will win this election.

No Federal Government has been chucked out of office after one turn since The Great Depression

This is the land of the Fair Go. After you have had a fair go, you give the other mob a go. This is called Democracy.

The Libs will win this election because it will be decided by people who do not care about politics, people motivated by pure self interest, who will vote for whomever has the most to offer them personally. This is called ‘The U-Jack Society – “Fuck you Jack, I’m alright”.

The Libs will win this election because, despite Oz being THE richest country on earth ( and daylight comes second) most people are worried about the economy, and voters consistently rate the Libs as being more competent with money, as they are very adept at accumulating it.

We live in a Neoliberal paradigm – Winner takes all!

If you are a winner you vote Liberal as they will safeguard your money from the marauding hoards. You don’t have to worry about education or health because your kids go to private school and have private health insurance.

If you are a loser you vote Labor because they will pay for your kids education and keep you alive in your old age.

However, there are some winners who vote Green because of their compassionate policy towards losers.


Disclaimer: I have bet a large sum of money on The Libs based on this assumption. Of course I would be overjoyed to lose it all, but I would be even happier to back a winner. Losers suck!

Strider Cam

Cam Walker spends most of his time running. He is run off his feet running campaigns at Friends of the Earth, running around Victoria helping angry people get organized: People in Anglsea who are sick of smog from the coal fired aluminium smelter at their doorstep, that is now closed, tick that off the ‘things-to-do’ list, well done team, running around Gippsland helping farmers oppose fracking. There is now a moratorium on fracking right across Victoria, tick that off the ‘things-to-do’ list, well done team.
In his peripatetic wanderings, his ceaseless circumnavigation of Gippsland, one fine day Cam found himself in Mafra addressing a hall packed to the rafters with angry farmers and loggers. A scene that whisked him back to his misspent youth some 30 years ago, when, upon arriving in this very same town to stir up trouble and ferment unrest, as is his want, he was chassed down the street and given a kicking by an angry mob, possibly the very same loggers and farmers who were now cheering him on.
Change is in the air. People who have never protested about anything in their whole lives are suddenly defending their land with a passion, threatening to blockade the roads with tractors and build walls of flaming hay bales. Loggers are standing shoulder to shoulder with ferals. Potato farmers are joining the Greens for Crist’s sake. Immovable rocks are getting up and jumping the fence.
Something is afoot. Humble people from all walks of life are taking great strides on the long march to a glorious new world. (sorry, got a bit carried away there) And who, you may ask, has cobbled together this unlikely coalition of disparate segments of society, and set them marching as one on the long walk to freedom? Who is it we see striding forward at the vanguard of this nascent movement? Why, Cam Walker of course, doing what he has done all his life, doing what he does best, leading the way. That’s why we call him Strider.
It just so happens that on his travels he will be passing through Castlemaine this weekend, and he has graciously offered to hang around for a while and tell us all about his various, nefarious shenanigans.
Cam will be talking at the Local Lives – Global Matters conference on Saturday 17th October at 2 o’clock at the Phee Broadway Theatre
He will be free to sign autographs after the performance.

Ben Laycock 2015

Shooters party policy





Action on Climate Change because it doesn’t exist

More marine parks & National Parks

Vehemently opposes any form of gun control what-so-ever

(Our guns are needed to defend ourselves from the Government when they come to take our guns away)




Small business over big business

More competition and control of duopolies (Coles & Woolworths) & quadropolies (the 4 big banks)

More defence spending

More live cattle exports

More land clearing

More dams, irrigation & agriculture

More controlled burning

More firewood harvesting

More logging of old growth forests

More grazing in National Parks

More harvesting of feral animals

More severe treatment of refugees

More oil, uranium & coal, especially brown coal

Less investment in alternative energy

Less foreign investment in land

Less foreign aid


Equates animal liberation with terrorism

Disclaimer: this data has been gleaned from the A.J.P. website

(not entirely verbatim – be especially suspicious of sections in parenthesis, except this one)sh

Sex party policy



Warning! This party has jumped into bed with the Rock & Roll Party,

Forming an unholy alliance with unpredictable consequences.



Freedom of Expression. No censorship of artists.

Abolishion of the Monarchy (The Queen to be executed by guillotine – Tickets available on Ticket Master, broadcast live on Youtube)


24 hour Public Transport

Recognition that blackfellas exist outside the prison system

Bill of Rights

Abolition of the states (including the United States- eradicating a duplication of oppression)

A secular state – banish all references to Christianity from the constitution

More privacy – less surveillance

More compassionate justice:

Shorter Sentences (ideally less than 1 line or 12 words max – no long words either)

A less punitive approach to justice –

Less mandatory sentencing – (let the judges do their job!)

Re-introduce suspended sentences – (give the poor bloody miscreants a second chance for Christ’s sake!)

Voluntary Euthanasia (especially for politicians. In fact let’s talk about involuntary euthanasia for certain politicians)

Professional sex workers on the beat – reject the nordic model, which criminalizes clients (AND forces sex workers to stand around semi-naked in below freezing temperatures.)

Churches (and other Pedophile Support Groups) paying their fair share of tax.

(No More Religious Bludgers!)

A bill of rights

More transparency in government

Immediate action on climate change to restore a safe climate

Reducing emissions to almost zero

A special court for domestic violence

A woman’s right to choose abortion

I.V.F. access and adoption rights for gay people

Same sex marraige

A holistic, community, prevention based approach to health

Dedicated sexual health clinics

Stem cell research

Strengthening privacy laws



Relevent Quote:

Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one, it’s good to be proud of it, but don’t go waving it around in public, and don’t shove it down our children’s throats.

Disclaimer: this data has been gleaned from the A.J.P. website

(not entirely verbatim – be especially suspicious of sections in parenthesis, except this one)

Rise up Oz

Rise Up Australia

Contrary to popular misconceptions this is not a clarion call for mass insurrection




Multiculturalism- Those from non anglo-saxon cultures should be required to abandon their wicked ways and adopt Ozy culcha (whatever that may be)

They will however, be allowed to maintain their ethic background as that would be difficult, if not impossible to eradicate without retrospective legislation.

Sharia Law becoming the law of the land,(do not fear, this is not imminent)

Foreign ownership of Australia

Interference by such bodies as the I.M.F., W.T.O. U.N. W.W.F. and other such acronyms, who coerce us into abiding by accepted international norms of civilized behavior.

Prostitution, Pornography & Pot


Abortion -The Party vehemently supports the rights of the unborn from the moment of conception (2 cells)over the rights of a pregnant woman.

(This position places the party slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan, who as you are no doubt aware, was in favor of abortion under certain circumstances: namely, when the woman was not impregnated him. Luckily, at that time; circa1234, this constituted quite a small proportion Mongolian women)

Tax (except Tobin Tax – see below)

Monopolies, Duopolies, (Coles & Woolies) Quadropolies (The big bad banks)

The free market – We should impose tariffs on goods produced by unfair working conditions, especially wages far below our own, like $2 a day.

( This could be greatly enhanced by fostering strong trade unions in those countries)

Religious Vilification Act – This act inhibits free speech, (especialy the freedom to freely vilify Muslims)

Same Sex Marriage – (surprise, surprise)

Voluntary Euthanasia

The establishment of all religious states except the Jewish State of Israel

and the Christian State of Australia

Environment: Ban abortions so God does not punish us with bushfires

(This somewhat tenuous link implies that The Almighty himself practices collective punishment – the idea that we one should punish many for the ‘sins’ of the few – not unlike punishing asylum seekers to stop people smuggling.)




More houses for everyone. Release more land


Tobin Tax– this would raise revenue from the billions of electronic financial transactions that take place every day


Climate Change


No policy required to tackle a non-existent problem

Quote from website:

“The idea of man-made climate change is a quasi religious hypothesis unproven by objective scientific facts”

(not to be confused with the concept of God)



Disclaimer: This data has been gleaned from the Rise Up website

(not entirely verbatim – be especially suspicious of sections in parenthesis)