Castlemaine Culcha Callendar

Some other interesting things happening around the place in July

Christine King

Book Launch- ’58 Green Street’

Saturday 29th June

4 o’clock

Castlemaine Anglican Church

Cnr Kennedy & Forest

  1. 0458 589 339

Castlemaine Repair Cafe

Sunday 30th June

at 10 o’clock

Castlemaine Town Hall

Repair Cafe Castlemaine is a group of Castlemaine region residents who believe it is better to repair things wherever possible rather than to throw them away. The Repair Cafe is a space where local people can bring clothes, radios, toys, all kinds of household goods, grandparents: basically anything that needs repairing, and learn how to do it themselves!

Last Sunday of every month


“If there is one thing you can do for the climate emergency it’s don’t do anything at all!

Especially Don’t buy new stuff.

Every dollar we spend creates 700grams of CO2, aproximately, on average.”


Mixed Brew

– an afternoon of Sugar & Spice

and Fat Chance

and Art

Sunday – 30 June
2 – 4

Bluestone Church



(It’s a film)

– Sunday July 7th

at 5.30 pm

Theatre Royal


An inspirational movie showing us what life might be like in the year 2040,

if we adopt the knowledge and technology already available to us.

. The Theatre Royal is generously donating a portion

of each ticket sold for this session to MASG.

Mount Alex Sustainability-Group

“A really uplifting film.

I felt I could stop worrying about the future.

Everything is going to be alright”


Mission Songs Project


11th July

Ulumbarra Theatre

10 Gaol Rd, Bendigo

Profoundly moving, Mission Songs Project reveals what daily life was like for Indigenous Australians on Christian missions and state-run settlements.

Searching for the family songs that were sung around the kitchen table, Jessie Lloyd explores day-to-day life on the missions, settlements and reserves through music. From cultural identity to love and loss, these rare songs consist of almost forgotten stories that can now shed light into the history of our Indigenous elders, families and communities.


50 years ago humans took their first steps on another world.

We looked back with wonder at our own plane

t and for the first time saw how truly beautiful it is.

Today our lovely world is in crisis.

But it’s not too late to save Spaceship Earth.
Join local supergroup The Apollos as we get our cosmic groove on.

Saturday 20th July

At 6 o’clock!

Proceeds to Climate For Change.

A very Fringy Xmas in July

Saturday 27th July

Full three course vegetarian feast

Three fabulous bands to shake off the winter blues

  • come ‘blinged up’ to add extra Christmas sparkle
  • There will be a licensed bar and a courtesy bus running from town
  • – please book. For any queries please call 0431 915 255.
    Venue is the Wesley Hill Hall (Market Hall)

    A Fringe Festival Fundraiser – $25 per head

Book Here



“If there are 2 things you can do for the climate emergency, make this one of them”


The End