Theatre Royal
The Bridge Hotel
The Guildford Family Hotel
The Kangaroo Hotel
The Red Hill Hotel Chewton
The Taproom

Palais Hepburn

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Theatre Royal, Castlemaine


9-31 January

Close to Home.

Works on Paper by

Janet Neilson & Penny Peckham

Lot19, 19 Langslow St, Castlemaine
             ,                                            open weekends & public holiday’s, 11am- 5pm


  • till Friday 8th


by Carol Swain 

Above Stonemans Bookshop, Mostyn St, Castlemaine

 Carol will be in attendance on weekends from 12-5 pm.

Open every day from about 10 till around 4 (except February 29th – our day off)
or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Caspa-454183558091375/


 – till Wensday 13th

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 7.53.12 am

Kir Larwill

Loving You From Here (still)

Manyung Gallery Flinders



– until Sunday 17th

One Foot grave

One Foot on the Ground

One Foot in the Water

Catherine Bell, Timothy Cook, French & Mottershead, Mabel Juli, Richard Lewer, Sara Morawetz, Michael Needham, Nell, Patrick Freddy Puruntatameri, Nawurapu Wunuŋmurra.

La Trobe Art Institute P. 5444 7272; E. lai@latrobe.edu.au


until Sunday 17th

Piinpi: Contemporary Indigenous Fashion

temporary Indigenous Fashion

Bendigo Art Gallery


Wednesday 27th 

Danica Chappell: PHOTO 2021

La Trobe Art Institute

 until Saturday 13 March




 – till SUNDAY 7th

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