Local Lives – Global Matters 2

The whole shindig is being orchestrated by a tireless bunch of rank amateurs, on a shoestring budget. The passionate and inspired organizing committee has somehow managed to persuade literally hundreds of people to donate their blood sweat and tears to this gargantuan experiment in social interaction. Participants from all walks of life and all points of the compass will be descending on the place en mass.
What they all seem to have in common, (apart from sandals and goaties) is a shared belief in ‘relocalization’ which l think has something to do with making your own decisions at a grass roots level rather then letting external forces dictate our lives. There will be a smattering of global celebrities well versed in the ancient art of talking, who will fill us in on the goings on outside our little village here in the woods. Very exciting goings on, l do believe, thrilling, momentous goings on, that are going on all over this big blue ball, in hamlets not so different to our own. By the end of this gabfest we should have pretty much worked out how to run the whole world without the ‘help’ of Interfering Corporate Megalomaniacs and Blood-thirsty, War-mongering Psychopaths.
The aim is to send a collective communiqué to said ‘Powers-That-Be’
Letting them know, in the gentlest possible fashion, that their services are no longer required.
The fact that no one who is working on, or participating in this mammoth project is getting paid a brass razoo, his proof enough that we can create a Brand Spanking New Paradigm and keep it chugging along all by our selves.

Climate, Bushfires & Doubt


Even if you have your doubts about the science, can you really afford the risk of being wrong.

I ask you this, in all seriousness:

If 99 scientists said a bushfire was heading your way very soon,

but one lone scientist said, ‘Don’t worry about it, everything will be fine’.

Would you…

1 Put a lot of effort into fueling the bushfire?

2 Continue to go about your daily life as if bushfires did not exist?

3 Do everything in your power to stop the bushfire ruining your life?

4. Run?


Now, I am taking a wild guess here, but I presume you would go for number 3 or 4,

just like every other sane intelligent person on planet earth.

Now l would like you to participate in a little ‘mind altering experiment.’

We are simply going to swap the word ‘bushfire’for the words ‘climate change’

and see if we get the same answers.

Here we go:

If 99 scientists said Climate Change was heading your way

but one lone scientist said, ‘Don’t worry about it, everything will be fine’.


Would you….

1. Put a lot of effort into fueling Climate Change

(such as mining, selling & burning fossil fuels)


2 Continue to go about your daily life as if Climate Change did not exist

(unfortunately, this strategy was unsuccessful for the ostrich)


3 Do everything in your power to stop Climate Change from ruining your life?

( and the life of many other people, plants and animals throughout the world)


4 Run?

( Except, unfortunately, in this case, there is nowhere to run to.)