2 thoughts on “Should Gossamer Bin Liner be Allowed Back on Air?

  1. I can’t express my dismay enough at the WMA board over the axing of 2 ugly for TV.

    A few weeks ago there was a great interview with a Castlemaine man originally from Sudan talking about his experiences with being a refugee. In light of the current National debate on Asylum seekers this interview along with other Sudanese refugees that now call Castlemaine home could certainly add to the discourse regarding this important topic.

    Having thought provoking discussions alongside irreverent fun is a great way to promote small community radio stations. Interviews like this can be listened to by people from all corners of the world and with Australia’s Asylum Policy on the radar of news agencies the world over WMAFM could have issued a press release to run alongside the interview to garner some additional publicity.

    You don’t make news by playing Billy Joel endlessly.

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