2 UGLY 4 TV 23/8/2011


Part 1
Interview      – Chealsea Coles , straight from thebarricades  at  Walmadan  (James Price Point) in the Kiberley
                      – More Politically Incorrect jokes about Penny’s name; nutting wong wif dat?
                      -Turets sufferers challengenge swearing ban
Local news   – Pesticide spray drift effecting humans?         
                      -Kiwi ecolgical warfare?
                      -Snakes warming up
                     -Halal meat proves undtectable to the human tongue

[Part 2

State News      – Green Wedges become Chock Wedges
National News – Bin Bashes Banks
                        – Rupert and China agree to share world power
Sport               – AFL ( Anti Football League) fails to ban football
Art                   – N.G.V. spends $5 million on old picha – no dosh left for struggling artists

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