Sex party policy



Warning! This party has jumped into bed with the Rock & Roll Party,

Forming an unholy alliance with unpredictable consequences.



Freedom of Expression. No censorship of artists.

Abolishion of the Monarchy (The Queen to be executed by guillotine – Tickets available on Ticket Master, broadcast live on Youtube)


24 hour Public Transport

Recognition that blackfellas exist outside the prison system

Bill of Rights

Abolition of the states (including the United States- eradicating a duplication of oppression)

A secular state – banish all references to Christianity from the constitution

More privacy – less surveillance

More compassionate justice:

Shorter Sentences (ideally less than 1 line or 12 words max – no long words either)

A less punitive approach to justice –

Less mandatory sentencing – (let the judges do their job!)

Re-introduce suspended sentences – (give the poor bloody miscreants a second chance for Christ’s sake!)

Voluntary Euthanasia (especially for politicians. In fact let’s talk about involuntary euthanasia for certain politicians)

Professional sex workers on the beat – reject the nordic model, which criminalizes clients (AND forces sex workers to stand around semi-naked in below freezing temperatures.)

Churches (and other Pedophile Support Groups) paying their fair share of tax.

(No More Religious Bludgers!)

A bill of rights

More transparency in government

Immediate action on climate change to restore a safe climate

Reducing emissions to almost zero

A special court for domestic violence

A woman’s right to choose abortion

I.V.F. access and adoption rights for gay people

Same sex marraige

A holistic, community, prevention based approach to health

Dedicated sexual health clinics

Stem cell research

Strengthening privacy laws



Relevent Quote:

Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one, it’s good to be proud of it, but don’t go waving it around in public, and don’t shove it down our children’s throats.

Disclaimer: this data has been gleaned from the A.J.P. website

(not entirely verbatim – be especially suspicious of sections in parenthesis, except this one)