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The year is 2101. The world is run by The Sisterhood of Anarchist Collectives, mentored by a steering committee of wise elders. Peace, harmony and joy have reigned over the land since time immemorial.

Whilst working in the ochre pits, a group of young diggers unearths a giant foot, surrounded by all manner of strange objects made of unknown materials and having no conceivable use.

The wise elders are summoned to decipher the mystery.

“ You have unwittingly stumbled across a ‘Landfill’ – Sacred Burial Ground of The Cult of Consumerism.” According to folklore passed down from generation to generation, sometime long, long ago, the cult spread like wildfire across the entire globe, devouring all in its path, leaving nothing but a trail of devastation in its wake. Monolithic centres of worship known as ‘Shopping Malls’ were erected in every town. The Mall was a place for devotees to satiate their spiritual cravings. People crammed every corner of their palatial homes with religious icons. The most revered deity of the cult was Imelda – the Goddess of Stuff; a semi-mythical being that loved the poor and downtrodden and was said to posses a pair of shoes for every day of the year. The story goes that on a lofty hill above The Sacred Burial Ground, a magnificent statue was erected in her honor.

Some say the cult was fueled by strange substances extracted at great expense from deep within the earth, but this cannot be verified as no trace of these elements has ever been found.

A mystery yet to be explained by all the eminent scientists with letters after their names.

‘Big Foot’ has been painstakingly preserved and placed on The Cultural Heritage Register.

Access to the relic is normally restricted to eminent anthropoligists with letters after their names, but for a limited time only, you the proletariat, have been given access to this marvel.

Ben Boyang

Cultural Heritage Officer – City of Lianganook

‘Bog Foot’ can be viewed as part of The Great Mandala, an exhibition of 80 contemporary sculptures at Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Toyota Australia, 155 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm (closed public holidays)



Animal Justice Party Policy

Animal Justice


More forests
More wildlife bassed tourism to encourage empathy between species
More wildlife corridors (Treeways not Freeways)
More wildlife in general
Real action on Climate Change, including:
Price on carbon
Renewable Energy Target
Learning from animal adaptation to climate change
Decarbonize of the economy
Include livestock in emissions calculation
Education in food based emissions
Note -methane emissions from livestock + carbon emissions from land clearance for livestock is more than double emissions from coal fired power plants

Competition for habitat between animals and humans is caused by a surfeit of humans, not an excess of animals.
(animal plagues should be reclassified as human plagues)

Change in the law that classifies animals as chatels (slaves)
Animals are people too.
Quote –
‘Animals make such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no judgements’

Removal all impediments to animals leading a rich and fulfilling life and achieving their full potential
(it is envisaged that this could be extended to human beings some time in the future)

Extend anti cruelty protection for companion animals to all animals, including livestock.
(Encourage dogs not to bite people.)

Voluntary euthenasia for animals. ( Animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption unless they are fed up with life and wish to die – after a thorough psychological assessment of course)
‘Animals are my friends and l don’t eat my friends’ – George Bernard Shaw

Dolphins, being far more intelligent, should be allowed to run the world
(they couldn’t do any worse than us)


Abolish slavery for animals (in line with the Magna Carta – circa 1288 AD – No person shall be incarcerated who has not committed a crime.)
(it is envisaged that in a future Utopia that animals with aptitude will enjoy the same rights as humans, including the right to vote)
Abolish bounty on Dingos.
Replace with protection for an endangered species
Abolish barbed wire fences
Ban live animal exports (surprise, surprise)
Ban culling of Brumbies in the high country
Ban jumps racing (except jumps with a maximum height of 50cm)
(Ban jumps racing for elephants)
(Ban dwarf Pony Tossing Competitions)
(Ban wombat racing)
(Allow beastiality between consenting adults in the privacy of the bedroom)
(Oppose the slaughter of koalas for human consumption. Aparently they taste awful, not unlike fairy penguins)

Tackle Reverse Sexism in the egg industry – 11 million MALE chicks are Euthenised every year simply because they cannot lay eggs, despite all their efforts
The exploitation of animals in circuses and rodeos
(including wombats, without their written consent)

Ban Animal experiments
Experimenters – read torturers – say:
‘Animals are good for experiments as they are like us’
‘It is morally OK to experiment on animals because they are not like us’ )

Vegetarian – definition: An old norse word meaning lousy hunter.

This data has been extracted from the A.J.P. website (not entirelly verbatim – be especially suspicious of sections in parenthesis)

If you feel the need to verify how closely it resembles the original

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