Should children be allowed to get this many tattoos at such a tender age?

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Do you want to know what’s happening with cats and dogs in the shire? How outdoor public space is being utilised, or what’s coming up in the next budget?

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The latest project to sink your teeth into is Join the Camp Reserve Community Consultation Committee where you can have your say on upcoming developments at Camp Reserve.

Learn more about Camp Reserve and other projects on Shape.


This woman has only 2 arms, the other is an illusion

Apply for an Events Grant

Applications for our Events Grants program close on Monday 7 March. This grant is open to local groups and organisations who wish to seek funding and in-kind support from Council.
The last round of grants supported 18 events including the Harcourt Valley Easter Festival, Bubs on Bikes, the Castlemaine Farmers Market, the Town Folk Festival and many other successful initiatives.
To learn more and apply for a grant visit the Grants page of our website


Monday Feb 7

at 7 o’clock

Mount Alexander: Connecting Country

Friends of the Box–Ironbark Forests and Landcare

Northern Arts Hotel



Tuesday Studio for Print-Makers




Time: 9.30am – 1.00pm
Date: Tuesdays, 1 March to 5 April
Where: Castlemaine Community House
Instructor: Helen Seligman


Art Pathways

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Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm
Date: Wednesdays & Thursdays, 9 Feb to 23 June
Where: Castlemaine Community House

Facilitators: The facilitators are all practicing artists and experience teachers.

  • Ana Radovcich
  • Zoe Amor
  • Gabrielle Martin
  • Helen Seligman

Art Pathways Information Session

This is your opportunity meet some of the fantastic tutors, ask any questions you may have and check out the art space & studio. Proof of vaccination is required to attend. 1.30pm-2.30pm, Wednesday 19 January or 7.00pm-8.00pm, Thursday 27 January.Bookings essential! Click here book into your desired time-slot.




Drawing faces


Art Therapy



Life Drawing


MAINfm keeps you up to date with community services, local business happenings and events-  each weekday morning at 8:45am. If you have something to share with the community – get in touch and we’ll share it with our listeners! Email info@mainfm.net

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