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Indian Low Emission Transport

Indian Low Emission Transport


As you may well know, we Australians have the highest emissions in the world, equal to the Canadians who happen to dwell in a godforsaken land of ice and snow and burn a shit load of fossil fuels just to keep warm, and equal to the Saudi Arabians who live in the scorching desert and burn fossil fuels just to keep cool.( and to make snow for the world’s largest indoor ski slope.)

Here in Australia we burn fossil fuels because we have a lot of them to burn and we gain great pleasure from watching them burn.

Our emissions are 25 tons per person per year. Indian emissions are 1 ton per person per year. There are 25 million people here in Australia, plus Gina Reinhart, so we create the same emissions as 500 million Indians, or 1/2 their population. To put it another way, if an Australian couple chose to have 3 children that is the same as an Indian couple having 75 children in terms of emissions, and that is a shit load of kids even for an Indian.




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