Radio Roundup Friday 28th August

This week:

Mr. Rabbot says:
Stop the Boats-
Start the Bombs!
the latest affliction sweeping the western world
the latest affliction not sweeping the western world
+ all the sports news
N.Z. Tall Blacks take on the giants of basketball
Part 1 Please ignore first 2 minutes of kafuful

Part 2

Radio Roundup Friday 7th August

Ben and Aleshandre discuss Favelas of Rio De Janiero
then Dean Bigfootprint gloats about pressuring the Commonwealth Bank to withdraw from the biggest open cut coal mine in the world.
Part 1 (1 hour)

Part 2 (1 hour)

Extra talk (1/2 hour)

Radio Roundup Friday 19th June

This week:
Operation Sovereign Borders
How many sovereigns will it take?
Astronomers explore black holes
(this has nothing to do with Aliens and anal probes)
Climate Change has arrived in the arctic –
Polar bears dine out on dolphins
World’s first Head Transplant – Live on Youtube
Cambridge University offers Leggo degree
(disclaimer – This degree is funded by Leggo
and is not a bona fide alternative to Kindegarten entrance exams)
Part 1 (starts 1 minute in)

Part 2