Kyle Magee is a martyr.

On a regular basis he wakes up in the morning, takes a pot of clag, a harth brush and a roll of brown paper down to the local bus stop, where he diligently sets about covering up the commercial advertising, just like he has been doing on a regular basis for many years. Kyle deliberately and doggedly returns day after day to the same spot and repastes the same add, until eventually some eagle-eyed bus driver alerts the Authorities.

The Constabulary then dutifully inform Kyle that what he is doing is Illegal. To which Kyle invariably replies:

“That is a matter of opinion”

As a result the authorities pack him off to the courts to discuss that particular vexed question ad infinitum. To date the Powers-That-Be have won the argument every time without exception. As a consequence Kyle is sent to gaol every time. without exception. He has been sent to gaol 5 times now, for a total of over 6 months. Covering up commercial advertising is obviously considered a very serious crime in this land – akin to child molesting.

Kyle is not a nutter by any stretch of the imagination. He has a very well articulated rational for his seemingly absurd behavior.

(his blog explains all)

Kyle got out of gaol on Wednseday this week and next week heis heading up to Castlemaine to be part of the Local Lives – Global Matters conference.

So if you want to hear a blow-by-blow description of this ongoing David & Goliath saga ‘stright from the horse’s mouth’, come on up and join us in Central Victoria.

Kyle will be just one of over 100 speakers from around the globe, talking about ways to wrestle control of our lives away from ‘The-Powers-That-Be’.

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