The year is 2114. (One hundred years hence)

The world is run by The Sisterhood of Anarchist Collectives,

Peace, harmony and joy reign over the land.

Whilst working in the ochre pits, a group of diggers unearths a monolithic structure of unknown origins. The wise elders are summoned to decipher the mystery. Germaine The Omniscient quells their fervent curiosity:

“You have unwittingly stumbled across Fridgehenge, the principal centre of worship for The Cult of Consumerism.”

According to folklore passed down since time immemorial, the cult spread like wildfire across the entire globe, devouring all in its path, leaving nothing but a trail of devastation in its wake. Devotees paid tribute to The Goddess of Mammon, embodied in the pure white form of The Refridgerator. Offerings of the richest foods from all corners of the globe were given to the ‘fridge’ for safe keeping. The Goddess used her miraculous powers to keep the food from spoiling.

Fridgehenge has been painstakingly preserved and placed on The Cultural Heritage Register.

Access to the monolith is normally restricted to eminent paleontologists with letters after their names, but for a limited time only, you the proletariat, will be allowed to come and marvel at its wonders. Open the doors and see for yourself the strange and exotic offerings that dwell within, still perfectly preserved as fresh as the day they were picked. A mystery yet to be explained by all the eminent scientists with letters after their names.


Ben Boyang

Cultural Heritage Officer – City of Lianganook


Fridgehenge can be found in the grounds of the old hospital in Halford St., between the Enterprize Centre and the main road. It will be open for inspection during the Fringe Festival that runs concurrently with the State Festival in Castlemaine, Central Victoria

March 13 – 22


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